Cloud Server Hosting Australia – The newest RackHosting/RackCentral Brand!

CloudIO provides high performance, Australian based Cloud Servers for business and power users.
We specialise in virtual hosting and run our fleet of servers using KVM virtualisation to provide
guaranteed resources for each of our customers.

Whether it be a fully managed or unmanaged server, we can help!


Cloud Features

Scale on demand

We’ve made it super simple to scale your server. Upgrade or downgrade your entire machine with just a few clicks.

KVM Hypervisor

Unlike container based virtualisation (are you listening OpenVZ/Virtuozzo?). KVM provides complete isolation from the host, allowing more flexibility and better memory management.

Free AnyCast DNS Hosting

Take full advantage of our free DNS hosting. Add A,AAAA, CName, MX records, all from our easy to use control panel.

Root access

You have complete control of your server. Install / Update – Manage your entire software stack yourself!


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